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Crawford Realty of Alabama combines the best services and marketing techniques of traditional real estate companies while offering low, flat fees.  We understand how buyers buy homes, so we use the Internet and marketing techniques that work to sell your home without charging you a 6% commission.

How does Crawford Realty stack up to the others?

  Crawford Realty
of Alabama
Traditional Agency Assisted Selling Flat Fee Listing FSBO
Full Service Representative  YES YES YES NO NO
MLS® Listing YES YES Additional Costs YES NO
Expert Negotiation YES Varies Varies NO NO
Agent Will Show Home When Unavailable YES YES YES NO NO
Agent Brings House to Close YES YES YES NO NO
Buyer's Agent Commission Your Choice 3% 3% Your Choice Your Choice
Cost to Sell a $200,000 Home $1,500 + Buyer's Agent Commission if Used $12,000 $2,995 + Buyer's Agent Commission $300 - $400 + Buyer's Agent Commission $200 - $1,000 + Buyer's Agent Commission if Used
Pay Buyers Commission if You Sell Without Buyer's Agent NO YES NO NO NO
Post House on YES NO NO NO Additional Costs
Post House on & YES NO NO NO Additional Costs
List at Your House YES YES NO NO NO
Listing Goes LIVE at Your House YES NO NO NO NO
Handles All Paperwork, Disclosures, Closing Docs YES YES YES NO NO

Crawford Realty of Alabama vs. Traditional 6% Full Commission Real Estate Companies

  • Crawford brings the full-service representation, advice and negotiating skills of a traditional real estate company.
  • Since we work in large volume, our agents are usually much more experienced than the ones we go up against, and that can mean savings, and getting what you want.
  • Plus, Crawford will save you money while in many cases actually providing better marketing, and much more professional and experienced representation.

Crawford Realty of Alabama vs. Assisted Selling

  • Assisted selling offers flat fees lower than most traditional real estate companies-but not as low as Crawford Realty. Plus, you don't always have the option to set your own buyer's agent commission.
  • With Crawford's experienced, local team, feel confident you have the best representation. Assisted selling doesn't always offer this same expertise.
  • Franchised companies, so they don't have the flexibility of an independent company like Crawford Realty to work with their clients. We are our own bosses, so we have the ability to do what ever we need to make sure our clients are happy. 

Crawford Realty of Alabama vs. Flat Fee Discount Listing Services

  • Sure, flat fee companies bring low costs (sometimes), but what about the services?
  • We never compromise on service, and we offer more aggressive and experienced negotiating and representation than many flat fee companies. The local Crawford Realty team is with you throughout the process.
  • Crawford Realty also allows you to set your own buyer's agent commission.
  • Unlike Crawford Realty, many flat fee companies won't show your home, or even come to your home to list.

*IT'S IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW that MLS® the entry-only listings offered by some companies are illegal in Alabama, where the MINIMUM SERVICES LAW (Section 34-27-84 of Alabama Code) reads:

"When accepting an agreement to list an owner's property for sale, the broker or his or her licensee shall, at minimum, accept delivery of and present to the consumer all offers, counteroffers, and addenda to assist the consumer in negotiating offers, counteroffers, and addenda, and to answer the consumer's questions relating to the transaction."

Crawford Realty is a full-service agency that is always available to provide all minimum services as well as any other services our sellers need, on a fee-for-service basis.

Crawford Realty of Alabama vs. FSBO

  • You stay in control with For Sale By Owner-and save money, but you don't get much marketing beyond your yard sign, so selling takes a lot longer.
  • But we let you keep that control and decide how much you want us to be involved-you pay a low cost fee for service, not for work we don't do or you don't need.
  • So with Crawford, you still save money and get a Birmingham MLS® listing and expert representation.

What are people saying?

Hoover: Wayne, we want to thank you for help in selling our house. You were always available and promptly responded to our requests. You kept us informed of all the steps involved in the selling process and guided us through the negotiation process resulting in a smooth transaction. Once again thank you for helping us save money in commissions and your help through this whole process. ZB

Pleasant Grove: I am delighted that I used Crawford Realty to sell my home. Who doesn't like saving money? Also the service could not have been better under any circumstances. Wayne was very knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way possible. When the time comes to sell my next home, I will definitely be a repeat client. SC

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